Your Empowerment Agent,
Leslie H. Smith

Get to know Leslie H. Smith

“There is no plan B for passion.” When Chris Gardner (the inspiration behind the Pursuit of Happyness movie) made this statement, Leslie Smith immediately identified. And it was amplified when her sister, Sheryl, passed away a few short years ago after a battle with cancer. She realized then that she could not leave any dreams on the table. There would only be a plan A.

Leslie was raised in New Orleans, the youngest of 8 children. Her Mom and Dad purchased their first (and only) home in Pontchartrain Park, and it’s still in the family today. When the community was first developed, it was designed to attract middle and upper class African-American residents and serve as a symbol that the American Dream could be a reality for all Americans. Leslie’s parents had always taught her that there were no limits, and thank goodness her young and impressionable soul believed every word.

The first 25 years of Leslie’s professional life was spent in career development and small business development. Even today, she runs into people all over New Orleans who remind her of how she wrote their resume, set up an interview for them, or helped them with a business plan or loan. Her heart still leaps as she passes by day care centers, photography studios and other businesses that she had a small hand in helping to create. It was her love for real estate, however, that truly brought her dreams into focus. For over 25 years she has been an investor. She has purchased and managed investment properties and overseen renovations to build her own dream of long term wealth.

Now she’s helping others realize how the decisions they make today can empower them tomorrow. And that’s exactly how she became known as the Empowerment Agent. Today, she empowers her clients with education and information so they can make sound, successful decisions. She helps young professionals make critical decisions about buying or selling a home. She also helps investors find appropriate properties and encourages them to see the future of building wealth through real estate. She’s recognized for guiding all of her clients through a smooth, swift transaction from contract to closing.

When Leslie isn’t empowering others in real estate, she’s still making positive waves. She and her husband, John, have two children, Taj and Nia, whom she says were the most important part of her empowerment journey. She’s also been volunteering with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for several years, working with children in the foster care system. In the near future, she plans to create a network of women who are 50+ so they can travel together and encourage each other in their next stage of life. No, there is no plan B for passion. And Leslie is taking plan A to a whole new level of empowerment.

Clients Love Leslie!

Leslie prepared me in advance for every step in this process. I now understand so much more about purchasing a home. Before I really didn't understand escrow, an appraisal or even what title insurance meant. From finding a lender, an insurance company and even a locksmith, Leslie guided me through every step. I told her at the closing table to help me find my next property to invest in.
David P.
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