Frequently Asked Questions

Which customers are you best suited to help?

I am best suited to serve young professionals and investors with education and information so they can make sound, successful decisions.

What makes you different from other agents in this area?

The first 25 years of my professional life was spent in career development and small business development. Even today, I run into people all over New Orleans who remind me of how I wrote their resume, set up an interview for them, or helped them with a business plan or loan. My heart still leaps as I pass by day care centers, photography studios and other businesses that I had a small hand in helping to create.

It was my love for real estate, however, that truly brought my dreams into focus. For over 25 years I have been an investor. I have purchased and managed investment properties and overseen renovations to build my own dream of long term wealth. Now I’m helping others realize how the decisions they make today can empower them tomorrow. And that’s exactly how I became known as the Empowerment Agent.

I’ve had a negative experience in the past. Please tell me how you will keep me informed about the process and how often I’ll get those updates.

First, I’m saddened to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. I have found that the solution for that often begins with knowing and managing your expectations. That’s why the first thing we’ll do is discuss these important topics:

– Your preference of communication

– How often we will communicate

– How quickly you can expect a return call, email or text

– What type of information and updates you expect to receive regularly

– Exactly what outcome you’re seeking (so we don’t waste your time)

– What you don’t want (this is as important as what you do want)

– For sellers–The listing price (we’ll determine what’s necessary to get it sold fast and at full value)

– For buyers–The options that best fit your needs (and your pre-approved purchase price)

– Any other factors about your needs or the transaction that are essential 

I believe in transparent communication and sharing everything that’s going on. I will not assume you know every part of the process, so I take the time to inform and educate as we go, so you never feel left out’ of the conversation. The worst feeling is not knowing what’s going on at all with your own transaction.

Why do I need a real estate agent at all? Can’t I buy or sell a home myself?

While on the surface, handling a real estate transaction might seem like a simple task, there are actually many moving parts to the process, and they don’t always go smoothly. There are several critical things that I offer which can make a huge difference.  

First, I have direct access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and we post your listing which is visible to every agent in the area with potential buyers who are looking for a home like yours. Most agents will bring you a ready, willing and pre-qualified buyer that has been to a lender and knows they can purchase your home.  

Second, when you sell your home yourself, anytime you leave to go to work, or out of town, you essentially take your home off the market. It interrupts the showing process. Even when you have a family member or friend to show it for you, they cannot always meet the expectations of your potential buyers and their schedules. When you list with me, I place a lock box on the door that is accessible to other agents and they can show it whether you are home or not. They are licensed professionals, and the lock box is on a computer system that will notify me if it has been opened. That way, I will know who to ask for feedback. 

Third, selling a home is stressful even when you are not face to face with the buyer.  When you work directly with the buyer, it becomes more stressful. I know this from years of experience.  

Finally, there are legal issues in any real estate transaction that can make or break the deal. I am trained to recognize and handle those quickly and correctly. Most people don’t even know those issues exist until it’s too late. You want someone to help you make the best decision, and to represent you while keeping the emotion under wraps, getting the job done and keeping you in a stress free environment. The same scenarios exist on the buyer’s side as well.

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